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Two out of three bridges mended ain't half bad. In fact it's 66.6666% bad.


i feel like i wrote more of these and also that i should have written less

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"In Your Fucking Utopias," Ted Berrigan

Before I was even remotely aware that the political and theoretical feelings I was feeling were “Marxist” in any respect I was really obsessed with this poem when I was 21 because I felt like “Woe unto you…I’ll be there” was one of the stupidest, funniest, best political things you could possibly say in any circumstance, especially since “there” is “dead.” All to the fucking good. But now I roll my eyes a little bit and feel a lot more strongly about this poem as mocking any sort of Utopia in which “money” still exists, any sort of Utopia where paying one’s way is the equivalent of “Utopia”: anything pertaining to freedom is linked to money, which in turn is linked to the ribald hippy-satire of the first stanza’s stuff about age. When I was younger I thought Berrigan was making fun of Utopian thinking in general and I liked it; now I realize he’s making fun of liberal Utopian thinking and I like it. And I like how the speaker of the poem is at odds with this whole “create something beautiful before you die” line of thinking: the world is not hospitable to poetry or poets, the world implicitly) needs to be transformed. Or, you know, something like that.

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I can’t believe Waluigi is the Hero of Time.

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my favorite album



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"Get down motherfuckers"


"Get down motherfuckers"

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Not following this blog, that’s a paddlin’.

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