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I'm an island of such great complexity

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where my daughter

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Cayetana Release Space Jam Session


Cayetana released a Space Jam Session yesterday. Watch them perform “Dirty Laundry” by clicking Read More!


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Lon Chaney Jr.

my muse



Lon Chaney Jr.

my muse

I know a dead girl; she’s always lying.

She tricks the dumb boys into dying, 

and I should know that—I was the first one. 

It isn’t so bad we still have fun.”

“The modern world is one of simulacra. Man did not survive God, nor did the identity of the subject survive that of substance. All identities are only simulated, produced as an optical “effect” by the more profound game of difference and repetition.”
Gilles Deleuze -  Difference and Repetition  (via mytheatreofcruelty)

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i fully support palestinians. if you don’t, unfollow me and stay the fuck away from this blog.

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